My Story

IMG_0261Some of us have experienced that moment when we trusted help with no question. We just grabbed the hand that was lent to us.

Alyson Mack’s writing is that hand. Through her life experiences, a strong ethic in research, adding her persona to whatever piece she’s writing, whether it’s articles about the power of positive thinking or ways to build your business via the internet, you take stock in her words.

You pay attention to them. You read them again. You possibly even take notes or highlight her brilliant way of phrasing what’s been said countless times before but, her style, her originality resonates with you.

Alyson Mack has always been a writer. A person who has lived a life, not just had one. She’s a student, a teacher, a counselor, a guider, a researcher, and a creator.

Her pieces are built by a devotion to her craft. There’s an energy, a truth, a positive charge in her writing.

– Jim Yoss