In today’s global economy, people from all over the world are beginning to gather together to incredibly competitive creative teams.  In 2016, 43% of Americans said they spent at least some time working remotely.

This makes it enticing to be able to hand pick talent from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.  But with this new system of digital business operation comes the challenges of managing and collaborating with these people.

Especially all at once when each may be in a slightly different time zone from the other.

Common office operations do not always work the same with remote work teams.  Which is the case for times when collaboration is needed and email is too much of a long, drawn out process and a phone conversation does not perform as well as visual presentation.

Thankfully, the world of the internet has kept up with technology that can bring everyone together with the ability to work on one project at the same time, in real time.  Employees can feel more like they are in a real office at a round table during meetings, which makes everyone relax and feel comfortable toe engage in the conversation.

Below are 6 tools that will help remote teams come together and collaborate in the easiest, most efficient way that technology of today can deliver.




Google Drive

google drive brand
Shareable storage for files, folders and backups.

Free to use, this incredibly efficient tool can have as many collaborators one on one project as you assign.

It allows your team to see each other’s edits, add comments and work on the same document simultaneously.



RealTimeBoard realtime collaboration whiteboardThis amazing visual collaboration whiteboard app is free to use and packed with tools to use in your collaboration efforts.

  • Whiteboarding tools such as sticky notes, freehand drawing and presentation mode.
  • Collaboration tools like voice and video chat, screen sharing and collaborative editing.
  • Sharing and expert tool that allow you to export boards as images and embed into blogs and websites.
  • Visual libraries that give you templates for design, project management and prototyping tables



Trello Project Board with idea lists

Full of colorful boards, lists and cards for prioritizing and organizing projects, this app is truly quite beautiful to see!  Trello allows for added comments, attachments, checklists, images and deadlines.  It gives a fantastic bird’s eye view of the project at once to gain perspective on what tasks need to be accomplished.  Items on lists can be dragged, dropped and reordered.


Skype Business

Skype for Business Brand

Skype is a user friendly and reliable video chat app that can add up to 10 people per session, for free.

Skype business works a tad differently.  The service starts at $5/month/user.  This service allows skype to be use with Microsoft office.  It enables users to be able to send documents through Skype, for viewing and editing.  Up to 250 people can be added to one session.


GoToMeeting  –

Screenshot of GoToMeeting session

GoToMeeting works with both desktop and mobile operating systems.  This service is highly beneficial when there are multiple presenters in one session.

GoToMeeting has 3 tiers for their services:

  • Starter – $19.00/month Can add up to 10 people per session
  • Pro – $29.00/month Allows 50 people to be added to one session
  • Plus – $39.00/month 100 people are allowed per session

Included with this service:

  • 25 HD video feeds per session
  • Drawing tools
  • Desktop/app sharing capabilities
  • Ability to pass control of keyboard/mouse to another meeting member



FacetimeFacetime for android brand

Studies show that when an employee feels engaged and a strong part of the team, they are more likely to stay on that team.  One on one time with each member of the team should be scheduled in for a least once a week per person.

If both members of the conversation have a Mac computer or other IOS operating system, FaceTime is a super simple and easy to use method of effective communication.  Its quick, convenient and portable and is free with all apple devices.  If there is an internet connection to your device, FaceTime is often decently reliable.


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