How to Use Mental Imagery to Hack the Law of Attraction

It took me years to buy into the Law of Attraction.  To me, it was nonsense.  Illogical.  There was no way that you could simply think yourself into whatever you wanted.

While I still somewhat believe that today, I now understand what is meant by such a statement.  You CAN  think yourself into things.  But it is not as easy as the new aged law of attraction guru’s are making it out to be.  Sometimes it can be downright difficult.

Mental imagery is important in life no matter what you do.  It is an amazing way to solve problems, get away from a tough reality and even getting centered in stressful times.

But what is mental imagery?


brain with matrix code

What is Mental Imagery

Websters dictionary defines mental imagery as the representation of an object, situation or set of information in the form of a chart or other image; the formation of a mental image of something.

Better put it is a perceptual experience without external stimuli or influence.  The ability to organize thoughts to create a clearly defined experience, situation or event, by way of your minds eye.

For example, when you were little and you used to daydream of flying, you were using your mind’s eye to see an experience you have no way of truly understanding without wings.  But you created a storyline based on your perception of what flying would be like.

We can do the same thing now.  We benefit from what our adults told us to stop doing as children.   Only now we know that we can direct energy towards the things we daydream about to actually manifest it in our lives!

No, not like a magician, but with intention, dedication and action.

Benefits of Mental Imagery

What we allow ourselves to be surrounded with is a direct external side effect of what we think about.  If we are internally miserable, our day to day lives will not be much different.  

If we create happiness from within, we will not allow ourselves to be unhappy, externally.  This means that focusing on our inner selves should be one of the most important things we ever do in life!

Take Control of Your Mind

Mental imagery is a tool for priming ourselves to be more of what we want and less of what we don’t.  If we picture ourselves just as we want to be over and over again, we have primed our subconscious mind to solve the problem of not being what we are telling it that we are.

It does so by forcing us to see the signs that lead us to become as we have envisioned for such a time that we become to believe it before it is actually true.

Once we have learned the art of priming ourselves, we can create exactly the type of environment we have been craving.  We can also create the best of ourselves by priming our subconscious to be what, perhaps, does not exactly come naturally to us.  

If one wants to become less lazy, targeting his subconscious with images of himself doing whatever activities he thinks would be productive to him, would eventually force him to get up and do something.  

This is because his body is in conflict with what he is telling his mind he is doing.  In other words, sitting becomes uncomfortable.  Idleness becomes unbearable.  

Mental Imagery teaches you how to take control of your mind and put it to good use.  Priming is an incredible form of ‘extreme makeover’ style change that can take place with serious effort.


Have you ever wanted something but you just didn’t know enough about it and so what you envisioned was half created, other things got in the way of obtaining the thing and eventually you just forgot about the thing all together?  

When you use mental imagery to attract to yourself the things you want, the picture you create evolves parallel to the evolution of your visualization practice.  You become more familiar with the object or experience.

The detail starts to fall into place.  It starts to feel ‘real’.  All of the sudden, it does not seem like some seriously distant goal that you would never be able to achieve.  

You can see the sections of the thing.  The journey it took to get there can be observed without interruption, broken down until the tasks it would take to accomplish, do not seem so overwhelming and monstrous.  

People tend to start this practice with a simple outline of the image that they want for themselves.  Just as with the outline of a story, they then begin to fill in the details as they continue to focus on the picture.

A person may start with the exterior of a certain style of house they want.  As time goes on, they fill the house with specific furniture, place their families inside and experience life as it would be.  Maybe they put their dream car in the garage and a pool in the backyard.  Then they start creating the interior of the car and the shape, color and type of the pool.

As you put the details into place, it becomes exciting.  You become engaged with this ‘other life’ that you’ve created within your mind.  The more you think about it the more real it feels until it is a must that you have it.  

This is where manifestation comes in.  The thing will not appear in front of you, but the way to it WILL!  The further you follow these paths/opportunities presented to you, the closer you become to what you want.  

Clarifying your desires with intention directed at your subconscious causes the mind to become afflicted, in a sense.  The only cure is receiving the thing you desire.  It is amazing what one accomplishes when one has no other option.

Problem Solving

There have been many mentionable people from all walks of life who claim to solve thier problems within their dreams.  

We can also do this through focused thought, or meditation.  

Using a detailed image of what you want the final result to be to a problem you are facing, sit quietly, without distraction and focus on what you see.  Allow your consciousness to step to the side of yourself so that you let go.

There is no set amount of time, just let it come to you.  It will, as long as you have faith that your subconscious will take care of you.

Have you ever tried to think of a movie during a conversation and it is right there, you know you have it and you almost try to ‘push’ it out like a turd but the pressure is too great.

And you lose it.  Then a week later you are taking a shower and damn if the answer doesn’t smack you sideways across the face.  

This type of problem solving works along those lines.  

Practicing to get out of your own way is the most incredibly frustrating experience, at first.

It really is, I can’t lie.  

Do your best to relax and get through this learning curve.  It is so simple, so easy to do that when you get the hang of it, you’ll kick yourself for not trying it sooner.

Amazing little tool for your toolbox.  Like the swiss army knife of mental skills!

How to Get the Most Out of Your Mental Imagery Sessions

The quality that you’re focused imagery sessions are of is largely dependant on what you put into them.  A detailed image of what you desire is fantastic unless you do not quite know how to use it.  If you have just three things added to your process, you increase your chances of success tenfold!


You MUST practice!  And a lot!  Find various ways of practicing by experimenting with methods of mediation until you find a method that fits.  

The more practice you implement in daily life, the better you become and the faster the process works.  

Think about the magnitude of what you are creating within your mind.  Think about what it would take to make it come to be in your actual life.  Would you get a zookeeper to build your house if the zoo keeper had never held a hammer before?

No,  you would hire a professional to build your dream house for you.

If all it took was practicing directing your focus on it until you became a master at doing so to get it, wouldnt you make this your top priority?  

Of course!  

Practice when you do not want to, practice when your head hurts, practice while doing mindless tasks.  Take 20 mins once or twice a day and practice in your car if you have to.  Just get it done.  


Large two story home with balcony and pool
Do not forget that your dream home has an interior too!

Research your Desires

I say this all the time, do your homework.  More people put more effort into researching the TV they are going to buy than planning out their lives!

Why does that make sense?

The next time someone says they’d love to be rich so they could buy the house of their dreams, ask that person what it looks like.  Ask them where the staircase is located or what pictures they’d hang on the wall.

Not a lot of people can answer these questions.  They have not thought about it that far.  But if it’s something they don’t know enough about, they can not picture these details in their mind’s eye.  There’s missing information that needs to be filled in to proceed.

In doing their research about the house that they want they would know where the staircase would go, structurally.  They would know what the hallways were like to know where to hang pictures and what type of pictures would go with the space.

When I’ve brought this up to clients in the past, they have always stated that it isn’t a priority to think about because they aren’t the type of person that can have something like that.

This is crazy talk.  

As a whole, many times, the goal technically isn’t achievable.  Without effort on their part, the person is usually proven correct in their thinking, they are not the type of person to have luxuries in life.

But if that person thought about, put research into and nurtured their desires, they would soon find out that a big goal has small individual parts.

While this is easily said, none of it can work at all without the best little nugget of gold on the planet, belief.


This oftentimes, elusive quality plays a huge part in achieving goals that we set for ourselves.  Without it we spin our wheels and fester in growing resentment.  With it, we thrive in whatever we do.

When considering the things you want for yourself, also contemplate whether or not you will ever be able to believe that you can have it.

Chances are, there are many of us with dreams that are technically unachievable in our current circumstance.  If this is the case with you as well, find something small to focus on and achieve.  Something that is totally believable.

As you achieve these small goals, make the next bigger.  Stretch yourself just a bit each time.  Belief in something isn’t just there.  It’s acquired through actions, knowledge and the results of events.  

Prove to yourself that you can by doing. Force yourself to do by using mental imagery as an affliction on your mind.  Create your mental imagery by building up your knowledge of the things you want most in life.

For more on creating your life using the law of attraction, here is a link to Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles!

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