A Template for Documenting Your Vision: Gold for Your Toolbox

A Template for Documenting Your Vision:  Gold for Your Toolbox

Use this template in the chance that you feel stuck in the act of writing down what you visualize for your future.

You can piggyback off of the basics that answering the questions below will give you and fill in the important details as you do your research and continue in your preferred method of visualization technique.

pink piggybank with gold coins

Writing your visions down solidifies it as something real and tangible that you can hang on and fixate to.  Read it daily.  Try reading it out loud.  Hang it up in an easy to see location as an inspirational reminder throughout your day.

As you go along, the story will form, creating a visualization experience that feels as real as where you sit right now.

Go further by crafting an affirmation out of this visualization and you have added extra punch to an already powerful method of manifestation.

For even further help with getting the most out of your manifestation check out 3 Key Ingredients to Make Your Visualization Manifest for You.

The Template

1)  What do you believe to be your life purpose?  What is your biggest goal in life?

2)  What 3 things do you want to happen along the journey to fulfilling your life purpose?

3)  What aspects of these 3 avenues do I already visualize happening?  What do these things and/or circumstances look like?  Add as much detail as you have envisioned.

4)  Do I know of 3 avenues in which I can start working on achieving what I see already?

5)  What am I willing to give in order to receive?  What do I possess that the world or some aspect of it, can benefit from?  Am I able and/or willing to open myself up to the signs that may present themselves to me?

6)  What can I do today to begin the journey toward my ultimate goals in life?

If you’re looking for something with a tad more detail, check out this template!


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