The Best Method of Daily Gratitude Journaling

Studies suggest that those who incorporate a daily journal entry into their everyday routines are more likely to succeed at their goals than those who do not.

Timothy Ferriss, author of Tools for Titans, has stated that the majority of the successful people he interviews practice some form of daily journal entry and find it helpful when they need to reflect back.

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Why We Do It?

Journaling is such a powerful tool to help you along the way in your journey to mastering the art of well being.  There has been so many times along my path that I needed a reference point.  An anchor, so to speak.

That anchor came in the form of being able to compare where I was in the past to where I was at the time.  Without this I would have continued to feel like a failure because I had nothing to show me otherwise.

Any time I need motivation I refer back to the dates where I feel as though I had the most of it to see what I had to say that day.  This approach has saved me from countless days of laying in my bed and feeling entirely annihilated by inadequacy.

Journaling is also an incredible outlet for capturing the details of your visualization towards manifestation of your desires.  Part of what strengthens your manifesting skills is in the creation of your imagery which should be fine tuned whenever the need arises.

So many times we spend countless hours detailing what our main goal looks like that during this creative process we forget to create our current day to day lives.  Journaling can keep us on track, both in the short and long term.

A great way to start a daily journal entry is in declaring our gratitude.  This can be done in 2 ways, although not the only methods for journal entry.

One approach to writing down that which you are thankful for is in declaring our gratitude for the things, situations and events we already have in our lives.  What has inspired us?  What or who do we care for the most?  What do you already have that you would like to keep as you move into the future?

The second approach is to act as if we already have the things we desire in our lives and declare our gratitude for them.  How do you feel about your manifested life that might make you extraordinarily thankful?  What aspects of that life seem to stand out the most?

Either way is powerful when trying to manifest the feeling of being thankful in order to reach your goals.  Furthermore, both are beneficial, even somewhat crucial in the process of creating concrete happiness and positivity.

Entry Format

A very simple format for creating a journal entry is in the form of four semi-standard questions.  The first two questions generate the feelings of gratitude in order to properly place yourself in a higher frequency of being.

The second two questions allow you to create your day by jotting down a quick outline of what you want your day to be like and a few things you can do to make it happen.

Both sets of questions are meant to be answered in the morning soon after you wake up.  Making this a part of your daily routine will give you a daily blueprint, removing the devotion of energy away from unnecessary decision making.  We can then allow ourselves to become that much more consumed with what we are trying to achieve.

Below is a great start to daily journaling. Expand or simplify them to fit your specific requirements.

Things, people and situations I am grateful for

Write down as many items on your list as you can think of.  Nothing is wrong if you are happy that you have it in your life.  In the instance that you have decided to use this exercise as if you have already manifested your ideal life, this is where you can get creative and really have some fun.  Create the character personas that you want to be surrounded with.  Praise the situations that you want to be involved in.

What are three things I can do today to show my gratitude?

These actions can be as small as sending a thank you email to a friend.  Maybe buying your best friend’s favorite perfume or taking a colleague that helped you out to lunch.  Any method of showing how thankful you are to have x, y or z in your life is a correct way of feeling thankful.

What is my visualization for today?

What do you want your day to look like today?  Perhaps you can write about what you believe your day will look like once you have attained your life goals and have acquired your desires.  Write about it briefly or in as much detail as you would like.

What are three things I can do to make this happen?

What can you do to ensure you will have the day you wish to have?  If there’s someone you want to talk to, maybe you can send that person an email asking their availability for a phone call.  If it’s simply to get to the store, start making it happen by writing a list of the items you need to buy.

For an example of a daily journal entry check out this link where you can find an empty form that you may print and use.

For further discussion on visualization and manifestation check out 3 Key Ingredients to Make your Visualization Manifest for You.




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