Goals Template

1) What is your biggest goal in life?

Think about what you want to do most in life.  Think about what you want.  Who do you want to be involved?  What types of people do you want to surround yourself with?  What types of things do you want to have?  Where do you want to be in the world?  How would you use these things to add meaning to your life?

2) What 3 things do you want to happen along the way to fulfilling this goal?

Are there some things you want to do in life that are a part of your ultimate goal but not necessarily as big as it?  The journey is said to be the best part of reaching your life goal.  Who do you want to maybe meet?  What trips do you want to take?  What positions would you like to reach?  What adventures can you see yourself taking on?  What do you want to attain?

3)  What do these circumstances look like?

If you have already  any of your sub-goals, what do they look like?  Add as much detailed as possible here.  The who, what, when, where and why should be considered.

4)  Are there 3 avenues in which I can achieve any of the three sub-goals listed above?

Are there emails you can write?  Conventions you can go to?  People you know that may help you?  A class you can take?  A website that you can learn from?

List all the ways you can think of to achieve your goals, even if you would not be able to implement them currently.  Then break each of these down until you reach an action that you can take right now.

5)  What do I possess that is beneficial to me right now?

What does your personal inventory look like?  What do you possess that can help you take action on your goals?  Maybe it is a computer.  Or an email account.  Maybe its a skill you possess or a trade you have the certification for.  Take stock of what you have to give in order to be able to  what you are trying to obtain.


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