3 Key Ingredients to Beginner Visualization Practice

When I began practicing the art of well being 10 years ago, I was miserable. I didn’t have a clue as to what exactly I was doing or how exactly to do it. I began to research and as a newbie, noticed a program that made promises of both a smooth transition into meditation mind and a vivid visualization experience.

All I had to do was pay $999 and all that I ever wanted could be mine! Well, I was visualizing for a reason and it wasn’t because I had an account full of money with nothing to spend it on. Reluctantly, I made my purchase and waited to two weeks for my order to come.

The day it came I tore it open, put the CD into the player and sat there with a giant smile on my face. All I had to do was think about what I wanted and it would manifest right there in my living room. Yeah!

You can imagine how crushed I was when I heard AC/DC playing in the background, bleeding through the meditation track. Such a tool. I gave up. But it would not have mattered whether I had spent 3 hours or 3 years trying to make it work.

girl with glasses visualizing

Because in my angst to begin visualization for manifestation out of my greed for the things I wanted, I skipped several vital steps in the process. What little time I had allowed for research never produced content thoroughly explaining the proper steps in the process of manifestation through visualization.

If you have been practicing visualization religiously for an extended period of time without any results at all, chances are, you have also missed the steps necessary for success also.

In my years of searching for the best ways in practicing the best methods of the power of positive thinking, I have found key components that you cannot manifest without.

Below I have described 3 ways in which you can look at your own technique and adjust/apply these steps where you feel necessary to achieve the results that you desire.

Know the Details

As I went on to learn as much as I could about how to hack my mind, I found that one of the most important steps of increasing your manifestation skills is to know what you want to manifest.

While most of us can rattle off 100 items that we would want in our life, many of us haven’t a clue to what it looks like to have it.

That is because we do not know enough about the things we want.  Researching our life’s desires is imperative when focusing on a particular thing you would like to have.

For example, when you say you want to be rich, can you explain what that looks like?  If you dream of a large house, do you know the location of your home?  Can you see, in detail, how the house has been decorated?

How much does it cost to maintain the house you see?  Who lives in the home with you?  What type of foundation does it sit on?  What does the outside environment surrounding the home look like?  What will you do while you are at home?

Without knowing the details of what you want, you are not sending a clear enough picture to your subconscious mind.

A great habit to get into is researching your wants.  If it is a house you want, research the location you want it to be in.  Find the property you may want to build it upon.  What style of home are you requesting to have?  What goes into the structure of such a home?  Who will you have decorate the home and with what type of furniture?  Where would you go to get the type of furniture you want to use?


Anytime you focus your thoughts upon your desires, write down any extra details that come to mind.  When you take time to perform research, write down all the relevant details that you may find.

Keep in mind that you are creating the blueprint for your future details in life.  Take care when creating this.  Know the pro and cons of what you are seeking.  How will having the thing affect your life?

Have fun!  Damnit this the only time in your life where you can place yourself exactly where you want to be without a single outside force’s influence.  Do not treat this as homework, treat this as you would if you already had it.  Love it.  Cherish it.  Learn about it a though it were in your hands.  How does it feel?  How does it smell?  What are the alternative uses for it?  What are the consequences of having it?  What are the benefits?

Write it down!  Read what you write on a daily basis until you know the details so well you become obsessed with the idea of what you desire.

Apply each of the questions presented to you in this section to each of the items of your list to create a whole picture.  One with some life breathed into it.  One that makes sense and does not leave anything up for question.

Do so by arranging the detail into a format that an outsider would be able to read.  In other words, describe your desire from top to bottom, imagining it as a tower and starting at the tip that’s closest to the clouds.  Describe each window and doorway must be described, each corner, any antennas that sit on top…you get the idea.

In the beginning, do your best.  It will look more like an outline than a picture and that’s alright.  There is your foundation to begin building your dream.

For more of creating a detailed vision, check out A Template for Documenting Your Vision:  Gold for Your Toolbox


So you have heard all about gratitude and now you are just plain sick of giving the idea your attention.  You feel as though you have been talked to death about it.  And I imagine that is true.  Well I’m here to tell you that without it you can find that your visualization never manifests.  There are so very many reasons why this is the case and it all boils down to the science of happiness which is not what this post is all about.

When I began this process years after my initial attempt, gratitude was not the easiest thing to come by in the slightest.  If I’m being honest, it down right pissed me off to try.  I just knew I was broken, bound to the darkness for all eternity.  I’m not kidding, it turned me to research where exactly gratitude comes from and had i fried my gratitude button…or maybe God just hated me.

Well, none of it was true, I just did not know where to start and changing in this way to the degree that i needed to change is such a suck ass transition.


Heres where I get serious in an absolutely ridiculous way.  Freakin’ smile, man.  Right now.  Smile.  Lift the corners of your mouth upwards if you cannot muster up a smile.  Feel the absurdity of sitting there with a smile on your face.  Think about what you would look like from an outsider’s perspective.  Now go ahead and laugh at yourself.

Mood changer!  You have instantly shifted yourself into a position in which you are capable of beginning to think of all the things you may be grateful for.  How was that for you?  If nothing else, can we not agree that you are thankful for the simple shift in mood alone, even if just a small one?

Maybe it didn’t work.  Feisty, aren’t we?

Fine.  Get to the closest mirror to you without anyone else around.  Now stare at yourself in the mirror.  Lift the corners of your mouth in an upwards direction.  Continue to look at yourself.  See how asinine you look?  No?  Blow yourself a Marilyn Monroe kiss and flash your teeth.

If you are not laughing by now, practice.  Make various faces until you laugh.  Use your smart phone and record yourself if necessary.

This technique works because you are physically sending signals to your brain that you aren’t angry, sad or in a bad place within your mind.  It is impossible to sit with a smile on your face for an awkward amount of time and not have a change in frequency of mood.


Journaling is an exceptional tool that you should become familiar with and utilize for success in whatever you decide for yourself.  It is a great way to compare the position you are in now to the one you will find yourself in during the future.  You can define success and weaknesses throughout your entries.

Further, happiness and positive thinking thrive when combined with journaling.  People considered successful in all walks of life in many cultures incorporate daily journal entries into their routines.

Start journaling by writing down a list of whatever comes to mind when you think of things you are grateful for.  They can be things in your life, maybe in the world.  Places and objects you will have in the future are also acceptable things for your list.  There is no limit.  If you feel gratitude for it, write it down.

When I began these lists, the only things I could think of were basic things, my house, my children, my car, etc.  As my process evolved, so did the list of things I wrote down.  They became more intricate and relevant.  So don’t give up, gratitude is surprisingly difficult to not only create inside of yourself where none exist, but continue to feel through your day and keep in the forefront of your heart.

Attempt to do so long enough and one day you will realize that you are feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude without all the effort you used to need.  Apply this to your visualizations and you have began the perfect recipe to manifestation.


girl sits on rock meditating to ocean

While all steps are critical, mediation is crucial in the process of manifestation.  It is the avenue in which what you visualize gets embedded like code into your subconscious mind.  When this code has been written, it changes the way that you think within certain aspects.  Such as, the way you may be tuned into certain things and circumstances that are relevant to what you what.  Before, you may have missed the signals or signs for such things.

Subconsciously, you are driven to the thing you want most.  After you have meditated for some time on your visualization, you may find that you do things, without thinking about it, that drive you toward your goal.

In his book, The Master Key System, Charles Haanel writes a detailed weekly process of learning how to properly meditate.  He starts with a foundation and works his way up.  This has to be by far the best book I have read on learning to focus the mind when one has the patience to do so.

For instance, in his first week’s lesson, Haanel tells the reader to find the most quiet spot in their house.  One where they will not be disturbed.  The lessons proceeds to explain that one must sit there in an erect, cross legged position approximately 20 minutes.  Allow your mind to drift where it will.  This must be done very day for one week.  The key is to learn to stay still in silence without distraction.

During the second weeks lesson, pick a thing and focus your mind on it for the duration of the 20 minutes.  Repeat this lesson for one week or until you master the lesson.

When you have spent some time mastering just these two simple lessons, you are so much further ahead than so many people starting without a class on the how to’s.  Replace whatever images you have been using with what you are trying to manifest while allowing yourself to be in a place of gratitude and you have a perfect recipe to begin seeing results towards your goals.

The more time you spend in crafting your manifesting skills, the quicker they become refined.  Think of it as a huge energy generating machine that has to be turned on.  When you flip the lever, the machine turns slowly for a while until it builds up the momentum to move faster and faster until it reaches its peak level of speed.

This process is exactly like that machine.

There is never a good time to start like the present!  Start creating your vision right now.

Check out The Best Method of Creating the Habit of Daily Gratitude Journaling on how to begin a daily journal entry to help you get started on practicing gratitude!

Also check out:

Paul Santisi @ http://www.paulsantisimeditations.com/ for amazing meditations that use sound wave technology to automatically create a meditative experience.


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